What is Mac Mail to Outlook Converter?

Mac Mail to Outlook Converter is an ultimately efficient and intuitive conversion tool that enables users to extract Mac Mail email messages from MBOX storage files and convert them directly to Outlook PST files. The software is the most advanced solution of its kind that completely automates the Mac Mail migration process and makes it possible to complete it without resorting to third-party tool or intermediate steps. All Mac Mail messages are converted at once and saved to a new PST file that can be easily added to Outlook.
Mac Mail to Outlook Converter is a simple solution of the complex Mac Mail to Outlook data migration problem.

Do I really need a converter to convert Mac Mail to Outlook?

One of the major problems that users face when switching from Mac OS X to Windows is the transfer of personal data and recreation of the familiar work environment. In most situations, this process includes the migration of email messages from Mac Mail to a PC-based client. If you are also undergoing this transition and have chosen Microsoft Outlook as your primary email application, bear in mind that Mac Mail stores messages and attachments in MBOX files with the *.mbox extension. These data are also stored in a special encoding incompatible with that of Outlook, so their migration requires a special converter.

What do I get with this product?

How is Mac Mail to Outlook Converter better than other tools?

  • Direct transfer of Mac Mail messages to Outlook.

    Direct transfer of Mac Mail messages to Outlook.

    Unlike many other similar solutions on the market, Mac Mail to Outlook Converter requires absolutely no additional tools or intermediate steps.

  • Mac OS to Windows E-Mail Encoding Conversion

    Mac OS to Windows E-Mail Encoding Conversion

    Conversion of Mac Mail’s native encoding into that of Outlook for Windows. The program performs automatic encoding conversion during the email import process.

  • Support of MBOX Files of Any Size

    Support of MBOX Files of Any Size

    Email storages of modern email clients may grow very large. This is not a problem for Mac Mail to Outlook Converter, as it can handle files of any size.

  • Works even if MailBox is Corrupted

    Works even if MailBox is Corrupted

    The only program of this type that works with corrupted MBOX storage files.

  • Supports all Outlook Versions

    Supports all Outlook Versions

    Support of all versions of Microsoft Outlook, including 32- and 64-bit editions.

  • User Friendly & Simple to Use

    User Friendly & Simple to Use

    Easy to follow import and preprocessing progress bars for more control over the conversion process.

Try Mac Mail to Outlook Converter!

Lost in conversion and don’t have the foggiest how to get started? Try Mac Mail to Outlook Converter!

Mac Mail to Outlook Converter [ download and try it now ] was created to make the email migration as fast and hassle-free as possible for users with little to no IT background. It has a clean, easy-to-follow and intuitive interface that guides the user through all stages of email conversion and only prompts for a few simple actions along the way. First of all, you need to copy the necessary *.mbox files from your Mac to your PC using any suitable means: a USB drive, a Dropbox folder, direct transfer via Skype or any other application. Once there, the files are ready to be processed by Mac Mail to Outlook Converter.
All you need to do to continue exporting Apple Mail to Outlook is to specify the location of the copied MBOX files on your PC. Just click the “Import” button to start the transfer, select the desired destination folder and wait for the program to complete the process.

  • Please note that choosing the root folder in Outlook may result in identically named folders being merged, so it’s a good idea to select a separate folder for the imported files.

Mac Mail to Outlook Converter requires no third-party components, libraries of any other software, only Microsoft Outlook for Windows. The product is completely self-sufficient and enables users to complete the email migration process within minimal time and with minimal effort. When extracting and converting Mac Mail (Apple Mail) data, the program shows two progress bars – for preprocessing and for the actual import process, thus allowing users to stay updated about the conversion results, which is especially important for converting large and extra large email archives.

Once the damaged source MBOX files have been copied to your PC from a Mac, the extraction of emails and their conversion is only a matter of a couple of mouse clicks inside the program.

Mac Mail to Outlook is by far the most powerful and efficient conversion tool on the market. Offering ultra-fast direct conversion of the content of Mac Mail’s MBOX storage files to the Outlook PST format, this product is a real life saver in cases of urgent large-scale email migrations!

What our customers are saying

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I just wanted to let you know that your converter is very simple. It worked GREAT! Now that my 6,000+ old emails have been imported from Mac OS to Windows 8.
Mark Flint
Mark Flint
BEST money I have spent in a long time! HUGE time saver (I tried to do it manually first, one message at a time... big mistake). Thank you so much.
Bruce Curtiss
Bruce Curtiss
I had some very important emails that I'd saved for quite some time. Your Conveter made it happen, using the Mac Mail to Outlook conversion mode.
Jerilyn Lee
Jerilyn Lee

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